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I’m Pratik Sah, a proud Indian full stack developer who loves coding and a die-hard fan of Chelsea ⚽ FC. It was nice meeting you. - ThePratikSah ✌️

How to Check Python Version in Windows, Linux and Mac

This post is all about how to check Python version on your computer. But before getting started, let’s know a bit about Python. Python is one of the most popular programming languages. And due to its awesome developer community, you can easily see a lot of different versions getting released quite frequently. There are two… Read More »

11 Best Node Js Books in 2020

When we talk about any programming language, it’s very easy to find any video course on Udemy or YouTube but when trying to learn from books, it is one of the most difficult tasks to find a book that will be helpful for us and easy to understand. For a beginner who is just starting… Read More »

Implicit Declaration of Function in C

We are very much familiar with the flow control in C where it follows the Top-Down approach, and when we are writing a C program and if we are using any function, we might have come across a very common error ‘Implicit declaration of function’. Now why this error occurred? The answer is already in… Read More »

Solve IndexError: list index out of range in Python

Hello readers, welcome back to a yet another post of The Crazy Programmer. Today I’ll be discussing one of the common error programmers make when they start with programming and that is IndexError. Now before talking about this error, let’s try to see what an Index is and why this error occurs. An index is… Read More »

Is HTML a Programming Language?

When we talk about a programming language, we can say them as a medium to communicate with the computer. To express ourselves, we as humans talk with each other using any of our native languages but we cannot simply communicate with the computer the same way. It simply can’t understand our native language. Instead, we… Read More »