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Difference between DBMS and RDBMS

In this tutorial you will learn about difference between dbms and rdbms with example. DBMS DBMS stands for Data Base Management System. This system is a computer software component introduced during 1960’s. It is a software that is used to store any type of data and it should provide easy manipulation of the data such… Read More »

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Difference between SQL and PL/SQL

Here you will learn about difference between SQL and PL/SQL. SQL and PL/SQL are two popular database technologies. These two topics are very frequently asked in database interviews. In this article I have shared the key differences between these two technologies. Also Read: PL/SQL Interview Questions and Answers Image Source Difference between SQL and PL/SQL S.… Read More »

How to Backup or Restore MySql Database Using SQLyog

This tutorial will guide you how to backup or restore mysql database using sqlyog. It is really important to create regular backups of database on which you are working. It will keep the database safe from any kind of loss. In case any loss occurs, you can restore the database by its backup. Database backup… Read More »

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How to Change MySQL root Password in Windows

We may forget MySQL root password when we use it after long time. It is a very common problem among programmers. Few days back I also faced the same problem and luckily I found its solution by searching on internet. I thought that I should share the solution to help other programmers. So below I… Read More »

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Introduction to SQL

SQL stands for structured query language. SQL is a tool which is used to interact with database in very easier and friendly manner. It provides the functionality of retrieving, updating and deleting the database and applying security and integrity constraints also.SQL originally called ‘Sequel’ and was first developed by IBM. As the time passed, various… Read More »

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Database Tuning – Effective Tips for Database Performance Tuning

Database tuning is nothing but a set of activities that is required for the purpose of optimization of the overall performances by the database. During the database performance tuning, the developers need to know few important things regarding the coding. Let us now discuss about those few important tips. Image Source Statistics Of Database: The… Read More »

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Dynamic SQL in DBMS

Here you will learn about dynamic sql in dbms. What is Dynamic SQL? When the pattern of database access is known in advance then static SQL is very adequate to serve us. Sometimes, in many applications we may not know the pattern of database access in advance. For example, a report writer must be able to decide… Read More »

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