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IOS vs Android – Difference and Comparison [Infographic]

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android both are very popular mobile operating systems. It’s still a debate topic that which one is the best Android or iOS? In this article, iOS and Android are differentiated over various perspectives. Globally, around 1 billion units of smartphones have been sold out of which android has 80% market share… Read More »

iCloud – How to Backup iPhone Data

Synchronizing data across multiple computers and devices has always posed as a huge challenge for people who need to access their crucial data on round-the-clock basis. Thanks to the iCloud service, Apple product consumers have now got relief from the issues faced during storage and access of data that needs to be shared with others.… Read More »

Top 100 Android Apps 2014

Perhaps you, as the owner of an Android device, have heard all this talk about the latest Apple offering IOS 8 and a number of other developments outside your favorite operating system. Take my word that those are just passing glances, for here is a mind-blowing list of the top 100 Android Apps 2014 on… Read More »

Instagram vs Vine – Which one is Better?

Video sharing has become the next “In” thing for people. And, companies vying for top position in today’s intensified industry are banking on social media sites like InstaGram and Vine, for launching video capabilities.  Instagram vs Vine Although, both Instagram and Vine offer video capabilities, a question that often pops up in our mind is,… Read More »

The Future of App Development – Amazon AppStream

Amazon recently announced a new cloud service meant to help app developers for different platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows, broaden their spectrum of possibilities and develop apps that can be used on a number of devices. Also Read: The Top 4 Websites to Create Android Apps Online for Free Also Read: Create Stunning and High Performance… Read More »

iPhone 6 (Rumors) Vs Nexus 5

Well after the launch of iPhone 5S, there is already a wave of rumors that are telling that another version of iPhone is around the corner. According to the rumors in the park, iPhone 6 will be launched sometime around the spring next year. However, this is even something that is not quite a fact.… Read More »

How You Can Keep Your Android Phone Safe From Hackers?

Right when the market is flooding with the super gadgets, there is a subsequent increment in hackers who keep agitating smart phones with their nasty techniques. Basically smartphones are used for several purposes both online and offline almost like PC or laptops but as the same it also has possibility of getting hacked like any… Read More »

The 4 Best Live Chat Mobile Applications

A recent research has shown that mobile device users send over 30 billion messages per day. Of course, not all of them are text messages. In fact, in recent years, SMS messages tend to lose their popularity. Instead of the famous short message service, manufacturers offer us a huge number of other opportunities. Chat mobile… Read More »