Program for Armstrong Number in C++

Here you will get program for armstrong number in C++.

A number whose sum of digits raised to power n is equal to itself is called armstrong number. Here n is the total digits in the number.

For example, 153 is armstrong number as 153 = 1+ 5+ 33 = 1 + 125 +27.

Program for Armstrong Number in C++



Enter any number: 7
The given number is an armstrong number

15 thoughts on “Program for Armstrong Number in C++

  1. Shreetej Parkar

    there is a fault as wen 1%10, x will become 10 and m will be +1000 rather than +1

    1. Neeraj Mishra

      The logic is absolutely correct, 1%10 = 1. You are telling wrong logic. Just run the program, it is working fine.

    2. Harshita Dhingra

      Same problem!
      This is not the right logic,you can check this by the no: 153

      1. Admin Post author

        The logic is absolutely fine, I think there is some issue with codeblocks. When I run it in codeblocks it gives wrong output, but when I run it online the output is correct. Check this

  2. Amit Khatri

    using namespace std;

    int cnt(int num){
    int c=0;
    return c;

    int chkArm(int base,int pwr){
    int result,temp;

    temp = base%10;
    cout << " temp is — " << temp << endl;
    cout << "result is — "<<result << endl;
    return result;
    int main()
    int num,c,result;

    cout <>num;


    cout << "\nYou entered " << c << " digits." <<endl;

    result = chkArm(num,c);

    cout << "Result is : " << result << endl;

    Can some one please tell me that is there any problem in my code ? or if is it correct why its not giving the correct result?


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