How to Clean Laptop Parts with Simple Household Products

How to Clean Laptop Parts with Simple Household Products

The popularity earned by potable computers or laptops may decline some day as
most of their users use them unaware of the consequences of using them wherever
they go. Most of them use these sophisticated devices even while enjoying a cup
of coffee or other eatables and the residues of the things you eat near them or
the dirt and fingerprints may effect the functioning of the keys as well as the
brilliancy of its LCD screen. So these laptops Parts need to be clean
frequently for their proper functioning and good appearance.

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Several companies had introduced various solutions to clean keyboards and LCD
screens of the laptops. Though most of them are effective in cleaning these
delicate parts of your laptop but most of them are costly solutions. You can
also use some of your household products to clean the main usable parts of your
laptop as they can be much cheaper than company products if used carefully.
Instead of using various complex chemical based cleaning solutions you can use
vinegar successfully for this purpose. Before starting the cleaning of your
electronic device you should first of turn it off as using liquids on active
device is not safe and advisable.

of LCD screens

LCD screens are one of the most sophisticated laptops Parts that has to be cleaned
very carefully as you should put pressure on them while cleaning. In fact the
screen of your laptop should be cleaned gently with a light touch using
lint-free cloth in a circular motion, especially on its smudged portions. It
should be slightly dampened in a mixture of vinegar and water in equal
quantities. Though there can be other household products that can be used
instead of vinegar like isopropyl alcohol but you should avoid spraying them
directly on the LCD
screens as they may damage it. After washing your screen you should dry it,
without wiping it hard as it may get damaged, before you shut down your laptop.

Cleaning of keyboards

Keyboards are also one of the essential laptop parts that need cleaning
frequently as it is more prone to get dirty very easily due to atmospheric dust
and dirt as well as your fingerprints. You can clean them all by using
lint-free cloth slightly dampened with vinegar or other mild household cleaning
solution like isopropyl alcohol or dish washing detergent. Though the keys of
your laptop are not as delicate as its screen but still you have to clean them
using the same process as you have used on your screen. A gentle circular
motion can clean them very efficiently.
How to Clean Laptop Parts with Simple Household Products
You should avoid spraying any clean
solution directly on the keyboards as it may go under the keys and damage the
whole system. But to clear out the food remains fastened in between the keys
you should not turn it upside down and shake. You can use compressed air
products or your handy vacuum cleaner, especially made to clean computers and
small household properties, for this purpose.

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We can clean the sophisticated laptops Parts at home with household
products without spending a good fortune on them.

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  1. If you are required to hire anyone for carrying out laptop repairs, you must check the credentials of the mechanic, and make sure that he can detect the problematic parts and replace them, if required.

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