The Top 10 Best iPhone Apps of 2013

The Top 10 Best iPhone Apps of 2013
With the ever increasing popularity of the amazing iPhone
and its incredibly performing apps, 2013 has shed a new light on a wide variety
of original, innovative and successfully brilliant tools. Whether you need to
access your social media account on the go, need help as a student, listen to
music or even find your way, there is a new app for all different types of
people. In addition to their great capabilities, not only does each new iphone
app provide many different beneficial options, the large majority of them also
can be downloaded and used at no additional charge.


The new fad in social media networking, Instagram, is one of
the best new iphone apps of 2013. Combining the features of the networking giants Facebook and Twitter,
this great tool is extremely fun for its users, while also having one of the
best photo-taking abilities that an app has ever seen. With a filter that can
make even the worst pictures look perfect, all of the photos that are posted on
Instagram can be done so with some of the best artistic presentation on the

Google Maps

Possible the best app for travelers is finally here with the
new iPhone feature of Google Maps. Unlike using, this amazing tool
not only provides you with driving directions, but it also helps map out the
quickest route from point A to point B for walkers and bike riders. By entering
your beginning and end destinations, this great app will provide you with the
most accurate directions, while also supplying a large highlighted line to make
sure that you stay on your designated course.


Still needing a subscription for the many entertaining
movies and shows that Netflix provides, this iphone app is ideal for people
that do not have any other internet devices that wish to watch movies and
television shows. Simply by accessing your account, all customers can now watch
their favorite films or sitcoms with the ease of pushing a button.


Amazingly, one of the best new iPhone apps is the Kindle by
Amazon. Once only able to be accessed through the actual Kindle itself, the
iphone now has the ability to provide its users with all of their favorite
books, games and magazines that were originally produced by the Amazon tablet. Not
only is this possible through the new app, the majority of the time, the Kindle
can be downloaded for free.


Similar to Google Maps, one of the best iPhone apps of 2013
is the more than useful Yelp tool. For people that are frequently on the go,
Yelp will give iPhone owners the ability to find specific types of restaurants,
tourist attractions and stores. In addition, this remarkable tool also contains
consumer reviews for all of the different entities that are being searched for.


For iPhone owners that store a lot of data on their phone,
Dropbox is now available to offer additional “cloud” storage space. Allowing
their users to download and upload all types of information, this great 2013
iPhone app can even be programmed to automatically store everything that is
added to your device.


Now available as an iPhone app, YouTube is the perfect tool
for the individuals that wish to search for specific videos, music and other
media related updates. Also at no addition charge, this video streaming
instrument will allow its users to create a music playlist permitting account
holders to continually listen to their favorite type of music.


Although there is a subscription fee, this new iPhone app is
essential for today’s college student. With an unprecedented amount of PDF
files that need to be accessed, GoodReader is the perfect tool for downloading
specific PDF files to your phone. In addition to this crucial access, this
great app will permit the creation of various files, play audio and video
downloads and sync your folders to other apps like SkyDrive, Dropbox and


For both business workers and students, Keynote is one of
the best new iPhone apps that allow the possibility of various types of
presentations. With specifically designed performance standards, this extremely
helpful educational and business tool will more than exceed your presentation

iTunes U

With no additional subscription charge, the iTunes U app is
tremendously practical for students as it offers a wide range of college level
courses from some of top American institutions like Harvard and Stanford.
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