4 Best Tips to Clean Your Touch Screen Device

4 Best Tips to Clean Your Touch Screen Device
Nowadays touch screen devices are becoming popular among the youths. They don’t know the correct method to clean there touch screen devices. In this condition if a touch screen device is not cleaned properly than it will not work effectively. That is way we have to be more careful in cleaning a touch screen as compared to a normal screen. In this post I have explained some tips to clean touch screen of your device.

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1. Use Microfiber cloth

Are you amazed after reading name of microfiber? There is no need to be amazed because it is that cloth which is used to clean spectacles. It contains good quality of fiber which don’t cause any harm to the touch screen while cleaning. It is easily available in the market.

2. Switch off your device

Before cleaning a touch screen device you must switch off it. If you clean your device when it is switched on then some commands may be activated automatically and it may damage the software.

3. Move cloth circularly

Never slide the cloth up and down on the screen. Always clean the screen by moving the cloth in circular shape. In this way the moisture on the screen will be also removed.

4. Don’t apply much pressure

Remember that don’t apply much pressure on the screen while cleaning. It may damage the screen. Some special liquids are also available in the market for cleaning touch screen, but you can also use distilled water. Don’t pour water on the screen directly, first pour water on the cloth and than clean the screen.
Note: This is second time that I am writing an article related to gadgets. If I have missed any point then please let me know by commenting below.

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