Difference between C and C++ in Tabular Form

In this tutorial you will learn about difference between C and C++ language i.e. C vs. C++. It is one of the most commonly asked question in technical interviews.

C programming language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in the year 1972 while C++ programming language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in the year 1983. C++ is a superset of C and contains all the features of C language. Still there are some difference between C and C++. Below I have shared the main differences between these two programming language.

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Difference between C and C++ - C Vs C++

Difference between C and C++

S. No.
C is a structural or procedural programming language.
C++ is an object oriented programming language.
Emphasis is on procedure or steps to solve any problem.
Emphasis is on objects rather than procedure.
Functions are the fundamental building blocks.
Objects are the fundamental building blocks.
In C, the data is not secured.
Data is hidden and can’t be accessed by external functions.
C follows top down approach.
C++ follows bottom up approach
C uses scanf() and printf() function for standard input and output.
C++ uses cin>> and cout<< for standard input and output.
Variables must be defined at the beginning in the function. Modern C compilers such as gcc support the C99 and C11 standards, which allow you to declare a variable anywhere.
Variables can be defined anywhere in the function.
In C, namespace feature is absent.
In C++, namespace feature is present.
C is a middle level language.
C++ is a high level language.
Programs are divided into modules and functions.
Programs are divided into classes and functions.
C doesn’t support exception handling directly. Can be done by using some other functions.
C++ supports exception handling. Done by using try and catch block.
Features like function overloading and operator overloading is not present.
C++ supports function overloading and operator overloading.
C program file is saved with .C extension.
C++ program file is saved with .CPP extension.
If you found any information incorrect or know about some other difference between C and C++ then please mention it by commenting below.

39 thoughts on “Difference between C and C++ in Tabular Form”

  1. In 7th difference you said that in C we can’t define variables anywhere except starting, but after latest ANSI C rules now we can define variables anywhere.

  2. 1. In C++, during memory allocation/reallocation, one function will be invoked [constructor/destructor]. but not in C.
    2.In C++, Re-usability and maintainability is easy. But not in C.
    3. In C++, Variable and functions are accessed thro’ object. In C, directly accessed with name of the variable / functions .

  3. Java is a combination of C and C++. But most of C++ features are added in the Java. The main advantage of java is it supports Web Application. It is robust,distributing and secured language in which C & C++ does not support.

  4. These differences between C and C++ are very informative. I’ve getting much new things after reading your post. Thanks for sharing this useful knowledge.

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