12 Best Paying Countries for Java Professionals

Here you will know about some best paying countries for java professionals, programmers or developers.

If you have just passed out of college, then you know that Java is popularly used in programming. It is also widely accepted among companies looking to recruit individuals with Java knowledge on board. Not only do companies look for people with the solid knowledge but those who are also updated with the current trends in the Java space.

There is a comprehensive list of online Java resources that can help you ace the interviews and also get in attractive pay package. In fact, many countries hire Java professionals at competitive pay packages. Countries like US, UK, and even developing countries like India have a high demand for Java Professionals.

The average salary for a Java professional in the US begins at $48,000 and scales up to a six figure salary depending on how well you build on your knowledge over the course of your work.

Certifications work well to boost your resume. They also assist in showcasing your expertise either as a Java Developer, Java backend developer, Core Java Apps Developer or as Java Software Architect.

Even in Java, Servlets and JSP are making way for Hibernate, Spring, and Struts. Building on these can draw considerable attention to your expertise and also attract the right kind of jobs in this booming sector.

Currently, Java scores over other programming languages like PHP, R, and SQL since it gives the flexibility and portability to adapt to different platforms.

As Java is poised to continue its domination over other software languages, set your sights on this and take your career ahead. The infographic below shows you detailed insights about the best countries for Java professionals.

12 Best Paying Countries for Java Professionals [Infographic]

12 best paying countries for java professionals

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