How to Generate Random Number in C and C++?

Here you will get program and learn how to generate random number in C and C++.

We can use rand() function to generate random number. It is defined in stdlib.h header file. It generates a random number between 0 and RAND_MAX (both inclusive). Here RAND_MAX is a constant whose value depends upon the compiler you are using.

The random value returned by rand() depends upon the initial value called as seed. The value of seed is same each time you run the program. Due to this the sequence of random numbers generated in each program run are same.

To solve this problem we provide new seed value on each program run. You can give seed value to rand() function algorithm using srand() function. We give current time in seconds as an argument of srand() to give a unique seed value for each program run.

Note: Using rand() is not a secure way of generating random number if you are developing a real world application. To generate a secure random number read this.

How to Generate Random Number in C and C++?

Program to Generate Random Number in C and C++

C Program

C++ Program

How to generate random number in a range?

Suppose there are two numbers a and b. Then result of a%b will be always in between 0 and b-1 (both inclusive). So we will use this concept to generate random number in a range.

Lets say you want to generate number in between 1 and 10 then it can be done by rand()%10+1.

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    1. Here time(null) gets current system time in seconds, srand() gives seed value to the rand() function algorithm. Read the above tutorial again, I have explained in it.

  1. Hello programmer I want to know how to generate a random string for example if i write 10″quotes” then after 1st quote next quote should display..I hope u understood

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