Difference between Alpha and Beta Testing

Here you will learn about difference between alpha and beta testing.

We might have come across these terms while studying or even at our work place, alpha test is the first phase of testing the software whereas the beta test is the second phase which is performed by real time users, let us know the exact differences these two tests have between them.

Alpha vs Beta Testing – Difference between Alpha and Beta Testing

 Alpha Testing Beta Testing
Alpha testing is  a type of acceptance testing, performed within the organization, by the developers within the site of development itself. Beta testing is always conducted usually in the real time environment by customers or end users at the clients place (not in the organization).
For alpha testing it requires lab environment or testing environment, and the developer is present as well. But at times the beta testing is also performed by an independent testing team. Beta testing doesn’t require any specific environment or any independent testing team, it can be done by the client itself.
Alpha testing is done before the software or the product has been launched in the market, this is to make sure that the product has no fault. Beta testing is usually done at the time of the software product marketing. It is not a complex process.
Alpha testing requires both white box as well as the black box techniques for testing While beta testing requires only the black box testing techniques or even the functional techniques.
Alpha testing ensures the quality of the product before it goes for beta testing. Beta testing also works on the quality parameter but it decides whether the product is ready for real time users or consumers.
Alpha testing is a close type of testing which is not open for public. Beta testing is an open testing for public test’s as well. And it is also known as field testing.
Alpha testing compulsorily requires High hand professionals to handle the complexity of the software. Beta testing has no compulsions when it comes to qualifications of the beta testers.

Both the tests hold a good amount of importance in an organization, none can be neglected or taken lightly as these tests will tell us about our drawbacks and our mistakes so that we can improvise them.

Alpha and beta testing both the tests talk about the reliability, security as well as robustness of the product.

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