Difference between Testing and Debugging

Here you will learn about difference between testing and debugging.

Testing is a process of finding bugs or errors in a software product that is done manually by tester or can be automated.

Debugging is a process of fixing the bugs found in testing phase. Programmer or developer is responsible for debugging and it can’t be automated.

Lets differentiate both terms in tabular form.

Difference between Testing and Debugging

Difference between Testing and Debugging

Testing Debugging
The purpose of testing is to find bugs and errors. The purpose of debugging is to correct those bugs found during testing.
Testing is done by tester. Debugging is done by programmer or developer.
It can be automated. It can’t be automated.
It can be done by outsider like client. It must be done only by insider i.e. programmer.
Most of the testing can be done without design knowledge. Debugging can’t be done without proper design knowledge.

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