6 Most Difficult Programming Languages

You may faced difficulty while learning programming languages like C++, Java, PHP, etc. But those languages can’t be considered as very difficult to learn. In this article I will share some most difficult programming languages that will give you nightmares if you try learning them.

These languages are also called as esoteric programming languages. These are not meant for development purpose and are popular among hackers and hobbyists.

6 Most Difficult Programming Languages

1. Malbolge

It was created by Ben Olmstead in 1998, and considered to be one of the hardest programming language. After invention of this language, it took almost 2 years to write first program using it.

Hello World program in Malbolge looks like:

2. Brainfuck

It was created in 1993 by Urban Müller. As the name suggests, you will get brain fuck if you try to learn it. The languages consists of only eight commands and the program is made using these commands.

Hello World program in Brainfuck looks like:

3. COW

It was created by Sean Heber in 2003. The language consists of 12 instructions, most of them are moo or its variations.

Hello World program in COW looks like:


It was created by Don Woods and James M. Lyon in 1972.

Hello World program in INTERCAL looks like:

5. Whitespace

It was developed by Edwin Brady and Chris Morris on 1st April 2003. The program is made up of spaces, tabs and linefeeds. All other non-whitespace characters are ignored by its interpreter.

Hello World program in Whitespace looks like:

Whitespace Language

6. Chef

It was developed by David Morgan-Mar in 2002. Chef programs looks like cooking recipes.

Hello World program in Chef looks like:

Which is the most difficult programming language according to you? Comment down below, also share the article with your programmer friends.

Happy Coding!! 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “6 Most Difficult Programming Languages”

  1. whitespace. Well, how can a person write a program in spaces, tabs and linfeeds. All three are basically same. Hats off to the creator(s) 🙁

  2. Michael Owusu Agyekum

    Wow, I never seen or heardabout any of these languages. perhaps maybe I haven’t done much research. But the point I wanna make is that, these languages will indeed give anyone willing to learn a serious headache. Infact i cant take any of the above listed languages out. All are extremely difficult.

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