Things You Need to Know Before Choosing Computer Science as your Major in College

So you’ve successfully graduated from your high school and are about being admitted to a college of your dream. Now you’re rubbing your hands together in anticipation of the best time in your life. Soon you’ll dive headfirst into the fascinating realm of academia. New acquaintances, new knowledge, new skills, and new subjects are awaiting for you. Speaking about subjects… Though choosing a major often becomes a problem for graduates, it definitely wasn’t the case with you. We bet you made up your mind to become a programmer in school, and for good reason.

In the Digital Age, humanity just cannot get by with programmers and computer scientists, the people that jump in and address a variety of our needs from staying safe online to mitigating climate change consequences. Indeed, the role of computer scientists is difficult to overestimate. Once you get your degree, you’ll be able to make your own contribution to human well being. Needless to say, your path towards a coveted diploma won’t be easy. Computer science is one of the most challenging fields that require a good deal of dedication, time, passion, and intellectual resources. Still, if you feel too overburdened with assignments, you can contact, an online capstone writing service that has been there for students when they need help with their homework. Thus, you’ll get a respite from overwhelming college routine and be less stressed out. But apart from this little secret, there is something else you should know before choosing computer science in college. Go on reading our article, to find out more.

Computer Science Major

A Previous Computer Science Experience is not Necessary

“How come that you don’t know anything about Computer Science? You’ll lag behind other students who have extensive experience in the similar field in college!” There are always people who try to dissuade us from choosing what we have already chosen. So if you happen to hear something resembling the above comments, just ignore them. Note that there will be countless of freshman that, just like you, won’t be able to perform like those students with the CS background. You can make up for lost opportunities once you start devoting enough time to practicing new skills and filling your knowledge gaps. If you’re enthusiastic and passionate about the subject, nothing can prevent you from mastering it.

Problem Solving Skills are an Extremely Valuable Asset

Problem Solving Skills

Learning programming language can be both interesting and challenging. Some students master new languages with flying colors, while other drudge through the entire learning process and cannot find the reason behind their inaptitude. The secret is that good programmer can see the problem clearly and understand it, which allows them to come with an effective enough solution. If you have an related problem solving experience, you’ll be able to apply it while learning programming languages. And one more thing… Don’t strive to master as many languages as possible. There is a common misconception that a multitude of programming languages opens up numerous career opportunities for students. But the truth is that being an efficient IT specialist is not tantamount to the quantity of languages learnt. If you are good at solving problems and you have only one programming language under your belt, you still have good chances to be hired by a top IT company. A programmer with extraordinary problem solving skills will always be in demand.

Employ Your Creativity

Employ Your Creativity

People often think that programming has nothing to do with creativity. But they are terribly wrong. As you might have heard, different programmers can solve one and the same task using different methods and algorithms. Those that use their creativity and, so to speak, non-standard approach to performing a task, solve problems in a more efficient way than their not so creative counterparts. Moreover, dry knowledge proves to be not enough when it comes to such tasks as developing new software, designing web pages, etc. The projects you’ll be working on in college also will be insipid and devoid of uniqueness if you don’t employ your creativity. So ascertain to make creativity a part of your professional future.

There’s Nothing Extraordinary about Writing Codes

We tend to underestimate the power of stereotypes and myths, and often end up suffering from them. The myth that coding is an exceptional skill that can be developed only by the chosen is sustained by a good many people at present. As a result, lots of students develop a complex regarding their alleged inability to write codes. As a future programmer, you should keep in mind one simple truth – programming is not meant for geniuses, it can be learned, developed, and polished just like any other skill. To backup our opinion, we want to cite one of the most outstanding programmers of our time, Bill Gates, who once said that “everyone in this world should learn how to code, because it teaches us how to think.”

In Conclusion

Computing is part of everything we do. Moreover, it has no boundaries. So don’t hesitate to pursue the degree in one of the most fascinating fields that offer great opportunities for creativity and innovativeness and enable you to make a positive difference in this world.

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