Types of Software Companies in India

The demand of software is all time increasing that has been quite instrumental in a vast success of the software companies and the industry in India. Actually, export of software from India generally accounts for over 65% of the total revenue from the software. The domestic market of the software highly depends on the sale of the products and packages that constitute important part of the revenues. The products account for over 40% of this domestic market. Alternatively, over 80% of the revenue from the software exports generally comes from the software services such as custom software development & consultancy services and more.

Reasons Behind the Success of Software Companies in India

There’re many amazing reasons why Indian software companies are so successful. With software companies in India, many multinational giants also have plunged in the IT sector. India being a hub of the skilled and cheap software experts is available in a lot. This helps many software companies to produce cost-effective solutions for the clients. Thus, Indian software firms will place the products & services in this global market in a most competitive rate. It is one reason why India is one of the best destinations for outsourcing. Most of the multinational IT software giants have got their offshore centers in India. For getting a little idea on the custom software development firm, let’s check out different types of software companies and solutions.

Types of Software Companies

Types of Software Companies in India


This kind of software company is in software engineering, business consulting, information technology, or outsourcing. There’re many giants included in this list like Wipro, Tech Mahindra, TCS, Infosys, CTS, IMB, and Accenture. At present, this has thrived with time and is also said to be on the top of the list with the regular advancement. Companies generally opt for such service-based business solution to complete their requirement and get best of all. The prospect has actually made it the most important addition to this business world, which will allow achieving the business goals.

Inventory Management

These types of software companies are outsourcing to businesses and give the inventory management program. It’s the important addition for this business world to make sure they’re maintaining an inventory and come to know when they do not have stock so they will order it when possible.

Custom software company will help to achieve so much with the perfect inventory management, which gives out best possible knowledge. It works in the real-time for getting the top solution for your business world & department.

Mobile App development

Another type of offshore software services popular in the world is the application development. These software companies generally rely on development towards outsourcing that will allow them get the possible solution for the Android devices, and Window. They built programming languages, which will work on various operating systems and reducing an overall work.

It’s quite versatile for and used as a mode of entertainment. But, this has added up the quality of software development allowing firms to embrace this and get most out of it. Software development solutions have got the tendency of achieving various solutions for their application that includes photographed face, games, drink water, news, music, and more.

Supply Chain Management

The most important additions in the business world will be the supply chain management. They’re focused on management software, which makes the web development solutions to offer the supply chain software. They’re the best in this market and have an ability of tracking down the products and materials in the real-time.

This works up in a real-time just to make sure nothing will be missed out & manufacturing part will be rightly covered up. This allows this system to get notify crucial data to the user for getting firsthand knowledge on it.

Cloud Computing

This Offshore software services understands an idea about traditional idea of the files that will be stored. But, the business has a lot of files, which make it tough for them to stay safe and prevalent. This works up with remote servers and allowing the companies to embrace this when working up with the network software. Cloud computing will work really well with personal computer and enables them to work out with various software like Amazon Web Services, OneDrive, GitHub, and more.

Application Software

They’re popularly called as the end-user programs and productivity programs that help the user to complete different tasks such as conducting research online, making notes, maintaining accounts, designing graphics, carrying out calculations and playing computer games. Essentially they lie above this system software. They’re used by an end-user and have got specific functionality and tasks that they are made to perform. The software is developed by custom software development, as per the requirements of users. There’s a wide range of the application software available.

Open-source Software

Such kinds of software are generally available to the users all along with the source code that means that user will easily modify as well as distribute software and add extra features in it. They may either be free or chargeable. Some the examples of the software are:

  • Thunderbird
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Moodle
  • Apache Web Server
  • GNU Compiler Collection

These are some different types of software companies, which have spread their domain in domestic & international market. This has kept things safe and secure with the top solution with the software development company. This will help to plan and process and improve business productivity and increase growth towards success.

Wrap Up

With an increasing role of the software in our daily lives, full stack development companies are offering the modern software to take care of their demands. Like we know, there’re different kinds of the software where system software market is saturated with giant players like Apple, Microsoft, and more whereas application software have got some stiff competition with the established players and the new players are competing to get an edge over it. The software development company will venture in the development of this software and earn huge profits.

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