6 Reasons to Consider to Switch Your Hosting Provider

Did you know that your business website acts as your door to the greater world? But whatever that makes this possible is your web host. No matter the professionalism that you might employ in crafting your website, if you don’t walk with the right web hosting provider, no customer will be able to land on your site.

Nothing is more frustrating than when customers are looking forward to purchasing your products but when they try to navigate through your website, they find a 404 page. This is very detrimental to your business. That’s why you need to choose the best web hosting provider.

Not all hosting providers are made equal. You need to research both the reputation and make sure they meet your needs and have a clean track record. There are some reliable web hosting providers like Hostinger Global who offer world-class web hosting services. However, not all plans and offers are made equal, so understanding your project and its platform is a must.

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Let’s dive into the six key reasons that may indicate that it’s time to change your web hosting provider.

1. Check if Your Bandwidth Usage is Always Maximum

If at all you need your business to grow optimally, you need a web hosting provider that understands all your needs. Besides, you cannot walk with a partner who doesn’t offer what your potential customers expect. And if your current provider can’t guarantee these, you have the best reason to quit.

Sometimes, when you do not hit the maximum bandwidth usage, some web hosts try tricking you with other features or even lowering your rates. But do not fall into the trap—there’s always no substitute for having the top resources to run your site and hit the best possible traffic.

Be sure to track your resource usage on the regular, and keep a pin in the tendencies and traffic you get to your website.

2. You’re Receiving Calls from Your Web Host About Your Site’s Traffic

As you know, there are many web host providers who have hosted a large number of small businesses on shared hosting. As your business grows at an amazing rate and you start receiving more and more traffic, these web hosts may start complaining instead of congratulating you.

But do not get them wrong – they do this because of the business model they adopted. Do not try to argue with them – they might not be in a position of accommodating your growing business or they are just happy dealing only with the small businesses.

When you feel that your current web host does not want you around for any reason, do not waste your time trying to make it happen – just switch!

3. Your Current Web Hosting Isn’t Meeting Your E-Commerce or Streaming Needs

Understand that business websites are a bit different from other types of sites. If you have a web host that doesn’t recognize this, then you are not walking with the right partners. For instance, features that should be available for a business website can be completely different from sites that are wholly meant for blogging.

Try to determine if you are receiving services that are meant for your business. In case you find that you aren’t getting professional web hosting services, just move to the next hosting provider.

4. Online Customer Support Unavailable Mostly

No matter how smart your web hosting provider might be, you can always encounter technical issues that you may call for help. There’s nothing amazing about it – everyone, even professionals fall under this problem.

The only thing that you should understand is that your web hosting providers are the ones who can easily sort you out even if you are an IT guru.

Ever called your host and feel that they are hiding something from you or postpone fixing the issues? These problems are most common to the web hosting providers who try to act as if they were a bigger company whereas they are just a startup.

A reputable web hosting provider is like your business partner – they will disclose to you all the problems even if they emanated from their end. Why are these companies that frank to you?

Because they will always try to inform you how they plan to handle your issue if it’s out of their hands or when they will be at a position to and even the ETA (expected time of arrival) of a solution.

Additionally, if you’re running into issues and their customer support team seems to rarely ever respond to live chats, calls, or leave your emails on “read,” it’s high time for you to switch.

5. Your Current Web Host Not Growing with the Technology

Technology is always growing at a very fast pace. Newer apps are popping into the market with each hour that passes. Your web hosting provider needs to seamlessly integrate with these applications. And if you feel they aren’t able—you have a perfect reason to switch.

You may try to add these apps on your end but mostly you will encounter problems with the third-party apps. A perfect web host will always be at par with the current technology and ensure that your functionality is at maximum levels while ensuring top-notch security.

6. UX Doesn’t Allow You to Make Changes to Your Website

In the current day, you have all the ability to make any changes that you deem best for your site on your user interface. You don’t have all the time to always call your web host’s customer support for every little problem that you encounter.

And if this is what you are undergoing, your competitors will outpace you in the long run – you will become frustrated with the time spent on your phone instead of your business operations.

All you require is a web host provider that gives you a perfect user interface that you can easily handle at your site. When this is done, you will realize that you will be way ahead of your competitors who always rely on their web host customer support to resolve even the minor issues—a very inefficient practice.

Before You Leave

As far as you feel that you are not getting the best value for your bucks in the current web hosting provider, it’s time to leave. The good news is that moving from one web host to the other is not a daunting task.

In fact, when you realize that you are moving to a service that will help you creep to the top of your business earning as well as a customer response, you will understand how easy the task is.

Don’t forget that switching web host providers is switching your distribution. Switching to the best web host provider should be a well-thought undertaking. This is because you are choosing a long-term partner who you trust will scale your business into great heights.

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