Top 8 Web Design Trends in 2021

Web designers are always on the lookout for newer trends. Every year, they are pushing their limits and discovering different ways to approach designing websites. In 2021, minimalism and modern approach seems to be the ones that are on top. On the other hand, many designs included in this list are variations of recent ones that have trended.

Without further ado, let us proceed with listing the web design trends this year.

Web Design Trends in 2020


Any software development company can develop designs that are centered on the dark concept. That reason is more than enough to say that it will become a trend because of its welcoming features and seamless design. In particular, dark user interfaces are favored by many audiences as it brings a modern feel to a website. Not only that, but it makes reading stuff on the screen a lot better and faster, benefiting those websites that are heavily relying on advertising and providing information.

Dark backgrounds are also known to help saving power and prolong the lifespan of modern device screens.

Hand-Drawn and Imperfect Features

Hand-drawn design elements have gained too much popularity within this decade. They’re more used when catering towards younger audiences because of how much freedom it can offer. Designers can quickly unleash their creative sides when dealing with hand-drawn icons and backgrounds as there are no limits when it comes to this design.

Some designers are also adding imperfect features to websites as a design element. Simultaneously, it is an unconventional approach to design, space, and uniqueness that imperfect features provide starts becoming a lot more appropriate to the eyes. A messy website isn’t considered flawed in 2021 as those designed well can quickly become crowd favorites.

3D and Virtual Reality

With more commercial access to 3D rendering and virtual reality tools, web designers can implement newer technology in their projects. Both 3D and virtual reality are known to provide interaction with the audiences, and sometimes, it is something that a business is looking for. The 3D design is also known to improve UX by a ton, and an excellent UX can carry a website’s quality despite lacking in several departments.

Suspended Images and Playing with Shadows

Web designers are also taking advantage of technology even more by including shadows in website images and backgrounds. Pseudo-3D rendering is also the reason why suspended images are possible. While it isn’t that much far from 3D images, pseudo-3D images create a different effect, an illusion perhaps that is pleasing to the eyes of many.

Combining suspended imagery with shadows would allow web designers to create surreal templates and satisfying moments that are too cool to handle.

Photos + Graphics Design

Websites with photos aren’t new to people, but photos combined with graphics are! While the concept is relatively simple, the effect that this design brings is phenomenal. While the screen can be busy, web designers may implement several ideas to make it look a bit minimalistic.

One thing that is close to this design perspective is a collage, but this approach differs from the example of graphics design manipulation.

Minimalistic White

While dark mode or dark design has apparent benefits, a white approach can also become an alternative option when aiming for a minimalistic design. The stillness of color white provides a reliable and silent backdrop for images and graphics to lay on, providing more spotlight for them. The minimalist white design is also a practical approach to pick when the focus is on the text.

Luminous and Glowing Backgrounds and Images

Overwhelming users with colors is never an option when it comes to web design. However, there is quite a subtle way of doing this without ruining the whole experience. Meet luminous and glowing images! The approach isn’t exactly “in your face,” but it has enough character of its own to grab and retain attention. Web designers often use this approach for projects that require highlighting a product without overdoing it.

Ultra Minimalism

Lastly, ultra minimalism takes the spot. The current generation is obsessed with minimalism, especially those that are associated with modernism as well. Ultra Minimalism aims to strip down and remove the over usage of texts and descriptions on websites. It mainly utilizes the power of graphics. Mostly, websites made with ultra minimalism in mind have a flat and silent background, which is essential as color plays an essential factor in this approach.

Ultra minimalism is the pinnacle of usability, allowing users to navigate their desired destination quickly. With the lack of texts and descriptions, images and illustrations would play an essential part in ultra minimalism as they are the ones responsible for communicating with the user.

Onwards 2021, we can expect to see more designs that are centered towards providing a good user experience while at the same time providing the right design choice. The 2010s provided an excellent foundation for what we currently have now, but those days are finally over. The new generation of website design is fascinating, and we’re 100% sure that more things are going to change in the coming years.

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