Top 3 Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

Did you know that there are more than 600 programming languages in the world? That is a lot to choose from, right? Choosing the perfect one for your needs can be a bit difficult then. If you are new to programming then you are surely looking for the perfect way to start learning a language that will give you well-paid jobs in the future.

Is learning a new programming language your new year’s resolution? If so, then there is no need to worry. We have examined a few hundred options to choose the very best programming languages you should learn in 2021 if you want to satisfy your needs and get paid well.

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Is Learning Programming Languages Difficult?

Look, we totally understand, that the things that drive more and more people to pursue a career in programming very encouraging. Let us face it, many individuals are deciding to learn coding because they seek more independence at work and they want a well-paid job. And that is perfectly okay. Learning a programming language and establishing a career in coding can be a wonderful opportunity for you to develop new useful skills and broaden your horizons.

However you need to know, that learning programming languages can be demanding, especially if you have not yet had any experience with IT. But do not worry! If you are anxious about your studies or the programming course you are attending, there is a lot of great services and tools online to help you throughout your learning program. You are able to find many well-prepared websites offering help with your education. You might ask “can somebody do my programming homework?” and the answer is – of course they can! If you do not have enough time or do not know how to approach your assignments, you can easily receive a ton of help from professionals online. It is a safe and time-saving opportunity. Just take it!


JavaScript Logo

The number one position in popularity is reserved for JavaScript. It confirms that more and more software is moving to the Internet and web pages are becoming these complex applications. JavaScript can be used to add effects or pop-up notifications to web pages and to create simple games. Thanks to the use of additional libraries, it is perfect for creating web applications operating within one page (SPA – Single Page Application). Appropriate frameworks and additional tools even allow you to use JavaScript to create mobile applications.

To create software (scripts for websites) in JavaScript, you do not need any additional software – the simplest text editor (for example Windows Notepad built into it) is enough, although it is worth using professional code editors, such as Notepad ++, which facilitate and improve coding. Having such great tools makes it even easier to code in JavaScript, and the rising demand for applications written in this language will only be increasing throughout 2021.


Java Logo

After all these years? Always. Java is not the newest language but still very popular among programmers. It serves as a cross-platform and an universal programming language. While programming in Java, you only really need a JDK package, for example OpenJDK, to be able to work more conveniently and efficiently, you need to install a professional IDE, such as Apache NetBeans IDE.

With its help, you can easily add different kinds of formants to the project, i.e. a graphic window, the elements of which can be created by dragging the control from the palette on the right side of the program window onto the diagram. Thanks to that, working in Java is quite simple. The labor market is a bit narrow right now, with many experts using Java in their work, but the demand for services in this programming language is not getting lower, making it another great option to learn in 2021.


Python Logo

Python is used, among others, to create services such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, Dropbox or with programming artificial intelligence. If you download the latest versions of Python from their official website, the package will be installed right away with IDLE (a simple integrated development environment for Python, IDE). First of all, this program is very simple. Two parts are crucial for the user. The first is Shell, where scripts are executed and a code editor, where the scripts can be saved and used later.

The code editor is really simple, there is no additional interface with which the user could even model the program window. All window elements – such as buttons or text boxes, can be easily created by writing them in Python. With so many major trendsetters using Python, the demand for coders knowing this language in 2021 will surely be increasing. Therefore, you should not waste your time and choose this language if you are looking for the best programming language on the market.

These were some popular and highly demanding languages to learn in future. Please share your thoughts about the article in the comment section below.

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