5 Ways to Live and Study Web Development in Great Britain Next Summer

In a time of mass unemployment due to Covid-19, web development is the career of the future. Companies across all sectors rely on computers for every aspect of their work, whether remotely or in-person, and the demand for skilled computer experts is higher than ever.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that, “employment of web developers is projected to grow 13 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations”.

With the expansion of remote and digital workplaces due to the pandemic, all companies require an experienced web developer who understands programming, and can solve multiple digital issues. Studying a web development course which teaches you an in-demand programming language is a great way to start a secure, pandemic-proof career in web development.

Great Britain is one of the most exciting places to study web development. In the UK, there are hundreds of fantastic courses which teach HTML, CSS, JavaScript and key programming languages like Python and SQL. Great Britain is also one of the world’s most cultural countries. You could enjoy world-famous cities like London and Oxford, as well as the beautiful Scottish highlands, while becoming an expert in web development. Let’s look at just a few ways you can live and study web development in Great Britain.

5 Ways to Live and Study Web Development in Great Britain Next Summer

5 Ways to Live and Study Web Development in Great Britain Next Summer

You can live and study web development in Great Britain next summer by attending top web development courses at places like Codeworks London and Oxford Royale Academy. You should also look into Le Wagon in London, Code Clan and Fire Tech Camp.

But how do you decide which web development course best suits your needs? To find out, let’s take a deep dive into each of these courses and examine their details.

Fire Tech Camp Teen Web Development Course

Fire Tech Camp offer an excellent course for students aged 12-17, to get started in web development. This is an excellent option if you are or have a teenager interested in web development.

Fire Tech Camp’s course teaches you HTML and CSS (the building blocks of websites) so that you can create your own high value web pages. You’ll learn core theory and exercises, and learn how to solve real world challenges and write code just as professional web developers.

This is a crash course which teaches students how HTML5 and CSS work together to make any design into a website. You’ll use modern professional techniques and then build your own websites on a topic of your choice. You’ll then use JavaScript and JQuery to add sliders, animation, pop up galleries and other exciting features to your sites.

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to independently continue with front-end web development. You’ll be able to recreate the front-end of any website, and even build your own designs, with support for mobile devices.

Oxford Royale Academy iOS Web Development

Oxford Royale Academy (ORA) offer an excellent web development course, which will really ramp up your skills and knowledge. You’ll have access to the latest knowledge in web and app development, and build your own iOS app and website.

You’ll gain a strong knowledge of the core aspects of web development, and how to effectively use HTML CSS and JavaScript. You’ll also get to grips with the basics of Xcode, Core iOS and CocoaTouch. You’ll become familiar with building and streamlining user interfaces, and add your own functioning iOS app and website to your portfolio, ready to secure a top job in web development.

Whether you want to kickstart a career in app or web development, or launch your own projects, ORA’s web development course is a brilliant place to start. You’ll also get a once-in-a-lifetime experience to live, sleep and dine in the colleges of the University of Oxford. As well as your extensive web development studies, you’ll enjoy debates and talks in the famous Sheldonian Theatre, where Oxford students matriculate and graduate. You’ll get the full Oxford experience, enjoying one of the UK’s most cultural cities, with its world-famous libraries and museums. You’ll end the course with a grand black-tie ball and a three course formal dinner.

You’ll have access to the very same exclusive spaces and renowned institutions as a student of the University of Oxford. You’ll enjoy the highest quality teaching by top experts in web development, computer science and coding. ORA has higher teaching hours than any other UK summer school, which means you’ll have 40+ hours of web development teaching in small class sizes, which will really develop your expertise.

Code Clan Web Development

Code Clan offers a 12-week immersive web development course. The course couples interactive, virtual learning with on-campus days in Inverness, Scotland.

You’ll gain the practical, technical and soft skills to launch a new career as a web developer. You’ll gain a strong understanding of industry-relevant programming and best practices. You’ll end the course with a great portfolio to showcase your amazing new skills to your future employers.

The course is split into two modules, and projects. In Module 01: Programming Fundamentals and Web Development, you’ll cover everything from OO programming in Python, to SQL database basics. You’ll also explore Web dev framework, Test Driven Development and Version control.

In Module 02: Full-Stack JavaScript, you’ll learn OO programming JS, and how to build RESTful APIs. You’ll also use Webpack / Express and use React.js framework.

For the Projects section, you’ll build your own dynamic web application in Python and SQL.

Together with your classmates, you’ll build a full-stack JavaScript app end-to-end.

You’ll end the course with an SQA PDA certificate, ready to kickstart a great career in web development. Code Clan web development offers you ten career and job placement talks, giving you top advice on how to progress your career. You’ll also have five industry and networking sessions, where you’ll make important connections for your career.

Le Wagon Web Development course

With Le Wagon’s Web Development Course in London, you’ll have nine intensive weeks of learning how to be a Software developer. You’ll code your own web applications from scratch, ready to transform your career.

Le Wagon’s course will take you from beginner to junior software developer, with the knowledge to build a robust and user-friendly app. You’ll learn to code step by step, until you can build your own web applications from scratch.

Your days will be filled with fascinating and interactive lectures, coding challenges and live code sessions. You’ll also attend exclusive events and talks where you’ll get unrivalled advice from successful entrepreneurs. This is a brilliant way of expanding your network and finding great career opportunities in web development.

You’ll also develop a rich Github portfolio containing at least two fully-functional web applications, which you can show to future employers to prove your expertise.

Le Wagon’s Web Development Course is also a wonderful chance to explore the exciting and beautiful city of London.

Codeworks London Web Development Immersive

Codeworks in London offers a brilliant opportunity to become a true expert on web development. If you’re starting from scratch and don’t have any experience at all, you’ll do a remote 4 weeks part-time course to give you a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and HTTP.

You’ll then progress onto the Codeworks main course which is an intensive and exciting eight week in-person course. During the first half, you’ll learn theory and advanced programming topics. In the second half, you’ll apply everything you’ve learned and use it to build complete projects.

Some main course topics include:

  • Advanced JavaScript, unit testing, programming languages and networking (Internet, HTTP, WebSocket)
  • Back-end frameworks (Node, Express, Koa, GraphQL), databases, advanced HTML and CSS
  • Front-end framework (Angular, React), end to end testing
  • Security threats, authentication, personal project, automated tasks, demos

You’ll also get expert help with portfolio preparation, job interview training and hiring support.

A typical day at Codeworks Web Development Immersive Course starts with breakfast, where you’ll enjoy a free coffee and chat with friends.

Then, you’ll move on to lectures, where you’ll get introduced to a new programming topic, and ask anything you need to instructors.

You’ll then have exercises, when you tackle the topic in pairs with a classmate. You’ll receive any help you need from the Codeworks team if you get stuck.

After lunch, you’ll have dig deeper with your instructors into the morning subject. You’ll then go back to your coding station, and see how far you can get into the daily challenge.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a review to make sure that everything’s clear and that you understand everything, ready to move on to the next day’s topic.

Excitingly, two thirds of Codeworks students get a satisfying job offer in less than 30 days after graduating from the course, and 100% after six months.

Now that we’ve run through five ways to live and study web development in Great Britain, we hope we’ve inspired you to become an expert web developer in this amazing and cultural country.

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