B.Tech IT vs B.Tech CS – Which One is Better

Do you know which one is better for BTech IT and BTech CS? Most of you who are interested in studying technology is looking for a BTech degree. But there are various specializations in which you can pursue your degree. And from those, IT and CS are the two most demanding specializations that confuse most students. As both are great in terms of scopes and career opportunities, IT CS is a versatile specialization, IT is excellent for information technology study.

So, which one can be a better choice for your upcoming studies? If you want to know the answer, you need to understand the differences between BTech IT vs BTech CS. So you can choose the best field of studies to enable an excellent career path.

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B.Tech IT vs B.Tech CS - Which One is Better

What is Information Technology?

It is the technology that mainly builds a solution for businesses for more agile and accurate workflow. IT is focused on managing computer and computer devices rather than computing the data using computer devices. IT is a crucial part of computer science, whereas computer science is a broad term. Hence, it includes inventory management, customer relationships, and data management.

Information Technology in Engineering

It is also the most popular field of study in BTech that most of the students prefer. Here you learn about information management for businesses. It mainly works closely to store and retrieve the information as per the need of the business processes. Nowadays, IT has become a crucial part of day-to-day life. From small businesses to large enterprises, all are using this crucial technology. Because by using such technologies, businesses can easily maintain good customer relationships, data management, and more. Hence, students willing to master a particular technology domain with lots of opportunities can prefer BTech IT.

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is a vast field that you can study to understand programming. Because computer science contains profound information about algorithms, data structure, and programming. It also includes various other terms to make you capable of understanding essential concepts of computer science. Computer science includes both low and high-level programming languages.

Computer Science in Engineering

Computer science in engineering or computer science engineering is a significant part of a study in BTech. That most of the students pursue to understand the fundamentals of computer science and engineering. If you also need to know about the design, execution, and management of the information in hardware and software. Then you can consider learning about CSE because it aims to create and troubleshoot the errors to keep running devices like supercomputers, smartphones, and other devices. It is the domain that includes in-depth information about AI, ML, R&D, and also web development. Therefore, the students with a BTech degree in CS or CSE are found working in various industries.

B.Tech IT vs B.Tech CS

We have understood some basic concepts of computer science and information technology. So, let’s understand the key differences between BTech IT Vs. BTech CS. So, you can understand which one can be the best option to choose for your further studies.

B/Tech IT B.Tech CS
Aim for Study


BTech IT is the most suitable program for the students willing to know about information security, managing networks, software development, and engineering. It is a suitable program for the students willing to understand computer hardware and software, fundamentals of programming, and computer networking and applications.
Subjects to Study


The student mainly learns about software engineering, programming, C programming, vector analysis, and much more. So, the students clearly understand and build the solutions for the businesses. In BTech CS, the students learn about system programming, internet technology, business processing logic, and AI. There are also several other terms that a student of computer science understands during the course.
Higher Education


If you want to get higher study after completing BTech in IT, you can consider MTech IT. Also, you have the option to study in MTech CSE as well depending upon your preferences and the specialty you want to attain. After computer BTech in CS the student can look for MTech CS. So, the students can attain more information about cloud technology, AI, cloud computing, and machine learning.
Placement The BTech IT professional can be placed as a testing engineer, app developer, and software developer. After completing BTech in CS, the student can be placed as a networking engineer, game developer, client system server manager, and data analyst.
Name of Degree After completing this course, the student gets a degree in BTech in information technology. However, after completing this degree, the student gets the degree in BTech in computer science engineering.

Which One is Better?

Both are highly recognized and well-known names when it comes to studying technology. If you opt for learning CS, you understand computing using devices like PC and supercomputers. However, IT is mainly related to communication, data management, and customer relationship management. The BTech CS degree holder candidates are getting positions as junior programmers, data analysts, and software engineers in top companies. If you also want to get hired by Deloitte, Accenture, Microsoft, and Wipro, then CS can be the field you need to choose.

However, if you choose IT, you can get immense opportunities in finance, defense, and other vital areas. There you can be hired in TCS, Infosys, and IBM-like companies. You can also get hired in ISRO, CDIT, and BSNL public sector companies.  Hence, if you want to work mainly in the finance and defense industry, you can prefer a bachelor of technology in information technology. And if you need to pursue a course that provides tons of career opportunities in most industries. In that case, the BTech CS or bachelor of technology in computer science can be your preference.


So, in this article, we tried to understand the differences between Btech IT and Btech CS. And we did a long discussion to give you brief highlights of both the specializations. Hence, now we hope you have a clear idea of which specialization of BTech can be the best choice for you. So, choose your specialization wisely and stay tuned with us to keep learning about such crucial terms.

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