9 Best Games for Programmers to Improve Programming Skills

Learning coding can be a little tough initially, especially when you’re getting started, however when you get into the detail, it becomes very fun and enjoyable. Besides games are the best way you can do that.

Today, the gaming sector has undergone a huge change with new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, IoT, etc integrated with video games.

Furthermore, it can help you empower your problem-solving and creativity skills as you want to solve different challenging problems and compete with different proficient programmers around the world.

Can Games Teach Coding?

Definitely! And for this, you do not need any science degree. You may just play coding games and learn coding skills – which includes all types of programming languages. With the best coding games, you can sharpen your programming and problem-solving skills, enhance your concepts, as well as enjoy your learning process.

Whereas the coding game probably will not teach you everything that you want to know about programming, these fun games are just an amazing way to practice these skills that you are learning. Suppose you are just like me, then you’ll realize you have spent your free hours reinforcing Python, JavaScript, and various other programming skills without realizing it. Let us check out some top games for programmers to improve programming skills that are personally picked by me.

Best Games for Programmers and Coders

Best Games for Programmers

1. Code Hunt

Code Hunt is one educational game launched by Microsoft Research that allows you to learn Java or C# languages. It’s a browser-based app. Learners have to go through the short tutorial for every section and set their code fragments and get passing scores.

2. Untrusted

This is yet another wonderful online adventure game that is made for people who wish to practice or test JavaScript skills. In Untrusted, you have to use various JavaScript commands that will help Dr Eval to go through the machine continuum & change his reality for getting freedom. This game offers you the rogue-like gaming experience and console window with JavaScript code generating every level. You can access all source codes and save yourself, but you have to make required changes to its source code.

3. Robocode

Robocode is one popular game that allows you to develop the robot battle tank by using programming languages such as Java and .NET to battle with other tanks. You have to write AI for the robot to make them understand what to do or how to perform various events that are happening in a battleground.

This game is quite useful to learn and practice many programming languages like Scala, Java, and C#. This helps you to get into the Artificial Intelligence domain. Furthermore, Robocode offers you the complete development environment as well as comes up with their installer, robot editor and Java compiler. Robocode is an Open Source programming project, so you can find your own modes and showcase your skills.

4. CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey teaches coding by using CoffeeScript — it is an open-source language, which compiles JavaScript — and teaches you to build your games in HTML5. This game is aimed at coding for kids, however, it is so much fun for adults, as well. There’re CodeMonkey Android & iOS apps too.

5. CodeGym

This is one gamified programming course made for the users to learn as well as practice coding skills in Java. Players do not have to know coding in Java to start playing this game, thus it is best for beginners.

6. CodinGame

Suppose you are looking to develop your own coding skills or learn new programming concepts but not through traditional tutorials, but something engaging and exciting, then CodinGame is the best option for you. It is an immersive & free game platform, which teaches more than 25 popular coding languages, which includes Ruby, JavaScript, Rust, Java, C#, and PHP.

7. Flexbox Froggy

This is one easy game made to help users to learn CSS code. The players need to bring their Froggy home just by mastering the layout module flexbox. This game is made particularly for beginners in the CSS flexbox so that you will learn the basics of CSS.

8. Code Combat

Students and teachers are the main target audience in Code Combat, however, everyone can take part. You will learn to script the games in JavaScript, Python, Lua or CoffeeScript. On a beginner Dungeon level, you will guide the Hero through this game by using simple commands, which are explained in this game’s tutorial.

9. CSS Diner

This is one simple and fun way you can learn CSS for beginner coders. There’re over 32 levels that can teach you the basics of how CSS selectors will work. Every level of the free coding game will get more complex —just like the real video game — it helps in building over what you have learned in the previous lessons. By an end of this game, you will be called the CSS selectors expert.

Final Words

Learning and playing isn’t the new concept, these games are the tried and tested way to improve and learn your coding skill. Programming is no exception. There’re many amazing coding games that you can try and play. Doesn’t matter which programming language you want to and what is your mode, you will find the right game to enhance your coding skills, and have lots of fun too.

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