Android Volley Tutorial With Example

This is android volley tutorial. Here you will learn about android volley library and how to use it. What is Volley? Volley is a network library that helps in doing network related operations like fetching image or data. Here are some features of this library. Supports request queuing and prioritization Effective cache management Multiple concurrent… Read More »

How to Make Simple Browser in Android

In this tutorial I will guide you to make simple web browser in android. Android provides an awesome UI widget known as WebView. It is used to load web pages and view HTML data. We will use WebView class to make a simple browser with some functionality. If you don’t know about WebView then I… Read More »

Android WebView Example

Here you will get android webview example. Android WebView is a UI component used to open web url or show html data inside the activity. Below I have given two examples, one is for opening a web url and another is for showing some html data in an activity. Also Read: Android Load Image from URL… Read More »

Android GridView Example

In this android tutorial you will learn about android simple and custom gridview example. In Android, GridView is a ViewGroup that is used to display items in a two dimensional scrollable grid form. You might have seen image gallery in Android mobiles, it is created using GridView layout. Here we will see two examples, one… Read More »

Banker’s Algorithm in C

Here you will get program for banker’s algorithm in C. The banker’s algorithm  which is also known as avoidance algorithm is a deadlock detection algorithm. It was developed by Edsger Dijkstra. It is designed to check the safe state whenever a resource is requested. It takes analogy of bank, where customer request to withdraw cash.… Read More »

Android Custom Toast Example

Here you will learn how to create custom toast in android with some text and image. Toast is used to show some information for specific time period. In android we use android.widget.Toast class to make toast message. A normal toast message with some text can be created by following code.

Android provide facility to… Read More »

How to Get the Most Out of Your eCommerce Experience

Most people start their eCommerce sites with the hopes of being a success. Part of that comes with being able to offer a unique experience. Some of the best online shopping carts will offer customization in varying degrees to help deliver this unique presence. It’s what you do with it that will change how the… Read More »

Top 5 Famous Bugs in Computer Science World

It is very common to have bugs in softwares. Even if we develop software with very much care still it will have some error. These bugs seem small and annoying for us. But sometimes these small bugs can cause disaster and result in loss of huge money and even human life. In this article I… Read More »