Linux Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the linux interview questions and answers that would help you to crack some of the most important and difficult interviews as a beginner. 1. What is the basic difference between Linux and Unix? Linux is an open source operating system while Unix is a proprietary operating system. Linux is therefore, available… Read More »

Unix vs Linux – Difference between Unix and Linux

Here you will learn about difference between unix and linux i.e. unix vs linux. Unix OS Unix is a proprietary software and it is a complete operating system. The Unix OS works primarily on Command Line Interface. Recently, there have been developments for GUI on Unix systems. Unix is not as flexible as Linux. It… Read More »

Difference Between Stack and Queue

In this article you will learn about difference between stack and queue. Stack A Stack data structure works on Last In First Out principle, also abbreviated as LIFO. A Stack requires only one reference variable, known as a top pointer. Stack data structures are normally represented as a vertical representation of data items. A Stack… Read More »

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JSP Pagination Example Using jQuery, AJAX, JSON and MySQL

In this tutorial you will learn how to implement pagination in JSP. Pagination is a technique of dividing the content into several pages. Fetching all the data at a time is time consuming and it also results in poor user experience as the user has to scroll down to view data. So, pagination is used… Read More »

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How to Copy One Array to Another in Java

Here you will learn how to copy one array to another in Java. There are mainly four different ways to copy all elements of one array into another array in Java. 1. Manually 2. Arrays.copyOf() 3. System.arraycopy() 4. Object.clone() Lets discuss each of them in brief. How to Copy One Array to Another in Java… Read More »

EaseUS Todo PCTrans 9.0 – Best Data Transfer Software

Here’s another masterpiece from EaseUS, Todo PCTrans (Version 9.0). EaseUS has developed numerous software for backup utilities. Here, we shall give you a brief information about EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free version and the EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro version. This is one of the best data transfer software.   What is Todo PCTrans? The EaseUS Todo… Read More »

Create Attractive Form Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

The web has changed a lot in the previous few years and introduction of new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 has given a boost to it. We all see a lot of attractive forms on modern day websites. In this tutorial we will learn how to make one using HTML, CSS and a little bit… Read More »