15 Best jQuery Plugins to Make Responsive Design Easier

Responsive design has great promise and it indeed does work on multiple devices seamlessly. However, as your site design becomes more complex and bigger in scope it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain form across browsers. This is especially true, if there is a lot of JavaScript on your website. There are a number of jQuery plugins, which will help you develop responsive sites that can scale very well.

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1. Naver


This tool makes your navigation bar very responsive by changing orientation and managing textual details in your navigation links.

2. jQuery Picture

jQuery Picture

It adds responsive design support for images, which is very useful on older browsers. It supports all image attributes so it makes for semantic HTML.

3. Ultimate Grid Responsive Gallery

Ultimate Grid Responsive Gallery

If your site uses grids of images, this tool helps you add images to a responsive page. You can add attributes, captions and it will automatically add those to your HTML.

4. Dylay


It stands for dynamic layout. It is a grid based jQuery plugin, which make grid management easier and more elegant without having to write complex CSS that takes hours to get right.

5. SlimMenu


This tool is great for designing navigation bars that have multiple levels. This is difficult to achieve on mobile devices, but Slimmenu will modify your navigation menu to suit the screen.

6. Magnify popup

Magnify popup

It has a funky name, but the plugin chooses the best experience for a particular visitor based on the device they use. It chooses files of the right size to send to the user according to screen size and bandwidth.

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7. Sidr


This is yet another jQuery plugin for navigation bar, but it focuses on making the side menus more responsive.

8. Flexisel


If you are still in love with image carousels on your website, count on this simple jQuery plugin to make them responsive. It chooses the best image size and orientation for each device before presenting it to the user.

9. All Around

All Around

It makes your image and video sliders more responsive. It is best used when you have multiple products to show on the page, as it can optimize its layout according to the screen size, while still proving a lot of information.

10. Responsive measure

Responsive measure

This plugin chooses the best size for text on different screens. Once you have installed this plugin, you only have to specify different font sizes for various types of devices. Based on that, it will push the appropriate number to your JavaScript selector, so your text looks smooth and readable on small and large screens.

11. jLayout


If you have ever found yourself confused with large websites with complex designs and don’t know how to fit components into a responsive design, jLayout is your best friend. It provided you with advanced layout algorithms in JavaScript, so you can always display the most optimized content for different screens.

12. Brickwork


It helps you create dynamic layout that can be customized to no end. When it comes to responsive jQuery plugins, this is one of the most time saving ones you will find today.

13. jBlocks


This is an advanced JavaScript library that can also be used as a jQuery plugin for HTML5 apps. It allows you to set preferences and then goes about arranging blocks in the most optimal way for different devices.

14. Freewall


If your website layout is based on grid design, then this plugin will help you make them dynamically change their size and position according to the screen on which they are displayed.

15. Droptiles


This plugin specializes on creating a Windows 8 style Metro layout for your website. It can be used for websites as well as apps. It has a drag and drop feature that makes it trivial to create new grids and fit them into the overall design, while maintaining responsiveness.

The above plugins are all useful in some way or the other. Even if many of them have similar functionality, they all have different strengths. What they share in common is the ability to save you a lot of time while creating complex responsive web applications.

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