jQuery Touch Application Development: A Powerful Technology For Feature-rich Apps

In today’s scenario, the smartphone is leading ahead of the mobile as well as desktop/laptop. Owing to which, there is the huge demand for feature-rich applications that are not only functional, but also seem to have a great interface. Numerous of application development industries are working to have effective, seamless, alluring, functional and innovative application. All these leads with the emergence of “jQuery Touch” platform.
jQuery touch is the framework for developing mobile application that can work on every trendiest platform such as Window, iPhone, Android and lots more. It utilizes the HTML, CSS and jQuery to develop the seamless application. The jQTouch is also known to be a jQuery plug-in that aids in developing the apps, integrated with native animations, themes, automatic navigation for different ranges of mobile. Hence, jQuery Touch application development seems to be the excellent choice among all application development frameworks. There are lots more features that have weighted this framework as the excellent one.

Let’s have a look at “jQuery Touch” features:

  • Open Source jQuery Plug-in: The “jQuery Touch” is MIT licensed. Hence, it is easily available for the developer. This is an open source plug-in, having native animation, smart navigations and seamless themes of mobile Webkit browser such as iPhone, Android and Palm Tree.
  • Implicated With Responsive Layout: “jQuery Touch” provides the seamless approach for creating the responsive application. Indeed, the Responsive layout is the most significant elements for application to deploy with superb interface on every device.
  • Compatible with Touch Devices: “jQuery Touch” gives compatible application that can be executed on major devices such as Android, iPad, iPhone, etc. without any hindrance.
  • Supporting Functional-rich User Experience: With the support of automatic navigation and native animations, jQuery Touch enables developers to create awesome application that can give the exhilarating experience to smartphone users.
  • Ensure Easy Themes Creation: jQuery Touch supports faster and effective themes creation for mobile WebKit browsers.
  • Enabled with Touch-optimized Facility: jQuery Touch is embedded with touch-related properties such as touch ID, touch event and target elements. That ensures developer to easily code the application, which is touch-optimized.

Advantages of Using jQuery Touch Framework

  • Easy to Learn and Deploy: jQuery Touch is based on HTML, CSS, jQuery language that eases professional developers to learn and use the framework for creating an application. Hence, it also features the speedy delivery of the application for users.
  • Economical To Use: jQuery Touch is very economical, i.e. using jQuery will cost to developers as well as users. The “jQuery Touch” is an open source software that is distributed under MIT license. Hence, it is freely available for all the developers across the globe.
  • User-friendly for Developer: jQuery Touch framework presents the integrated layout that enables web developer with every required object to create the touch optimized application. Such as, it comes with attribute like touch ID, touch event and target elements that give easier layout to create alluring touch based application.
  • Supporting Multiple Platform and Responsive: jQuery Touch staves off the developers in coding application for multiple platforms. It supports iPhone, Android, Window and lots more platform. Secondly, it features responsive layout that ensures perfect display interface according to every device.


jQuery Touch apps development will be ruling technique for coming smartphone applications. Because, it is an integrated framework and very much touch optimized that is good for developers as well as users. Hope that you all now are aware about the jQuery Touch, if you find any confusion with this blog, you can freely share your views through the comment section.

Author Bio:
Jennifer Adam is the great application developer, who is associated with HTMLPanda, a leading company for application development such as Hybrid App, jQuery Touch apps and lots more. She has written lots of blog in term of web application development and  PSD conversion.

Image Source: https://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Developing_Apps_with_jQuery

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