6 Tools to make JavaScript Development a Cakewalk

It goes without saying that JavaScript is an impressive and mind boggling client side scripting language, available with the present generation web developers to design and develop websites which are feature rich and quite scalable. However, we have seen that it takes a certain amount of skill and expertise to master the web development environment provided by Java. Often, developers find it a tad bit difficult to manage the development platform with its multitude features.

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Below, we have made available 6 amazing JavaScript tools, which would actively assist the developers in the process of Java Software Development, simultaneously rendering the much sought after functionalities to the website or the application thus developed. Read ahead to know more about it:

1. Converse.js

If you need to include a Facebook like Chat Box in the web applications that you develop, converse.js is the tool made for you. This is the chat application which readily connects to any XMPP or Jabber services, which includes the likes of Google Talk and Skype etc.

The chat application through Converse.js is available at the foot of the application, just like Facebook chat and supports ‘one on one’ or ‘one-to-many’ chats. It also allows the users to add or reject contact requests, set their statuses and also lets the person on the other end of the chat know, whether the other person is ‘typing’ or not.

6 Tools to make JavaScript Development a Cakewalk

2. JS Hint 

If as a Java programmer, the constant typos and gotchas bother you, please get instant access to this plugin. JS Hint is a community driven tools which has an eye for detecting errors and potential problems while coding. It is also used to reinforce the coding conventions of the team. The flexible tool that it is, it readily gets attuned with the coding guidelines of a particular environment. The best part about this tool is that it allows the developers to work on complex and large scale codes, without any hindrance in the flow of work.

6 Tools to make JavaScript Development a Cakewalk

3. Hitch

It is a JavaScript prollyfill engine, which is very light weighed, weighing only 5.5k gzipped, and provides an extension model for HTML and CSS. With the help of this tool, developers can easily import the HTML widgetry and CSS selectors. This tool allows the users to author a page or the style sheet, and include the features which they desire, as against to being dictated by the whims and fancies of a particular browser.

6 Tools to make JavaScript Development a Cakewalk

4. Sequel.Js

Owing to the object oriented API, Sequel.JS allows the developers to easily build SQL query strings. It is a light weighing JavaScript library, and hence does not even affect the performance of the applications thus developed. It actively supports all of the SQL queries and also, can be customized to take charge of non standard ones as well.

6 Tools to make JavaScript Development a Cakewalk

5. AmMap

If you wish to add interactive map functionality to various web pages and Java applications, this is the tool for you. With the help of amMap, one easily gets to display the location of the office premises, provide a route map, and create a distributor map and a lot more.

Also, the tool allows the developers to use photos and illustrations at the background and the layers of the maps, thus allowing the users to develop e-learning software and various other multipurpose applications.

6 Tools to make JavaScript Development a Cakewalk

6. Responsive NAV

A poignant and light weighed Java Script plugin, Responsive NAV makes it very easy for the developers to create responsive menus. It utilizes the features of CSS3 transitions and touch events, and works efficiently on screen reader even in a JavaScript disabled state. This is a standalone plugin which also has the option of callbacks for Init, Open and Close events.

6 Tools to make JavaScript Development a Cakewalk

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An Endnote

This was our set of 6 impeccable JavaScript tools to support you in Java Development. In order to receive highly well maintained, scalable and extensive Java based applications, hire Java Developers who skilled and experienced services are available at highly competitive prices.

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