How to Choose Which Programming Languages to Learn?

Programming is an essential skill to learn even if you don’t want to make career in it. Programming teaches you how to think. It is very difficult task for a beginner to choose which programming language he/she should learn. Each programming language has its own particular use, as well as some pros and cons.

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If you are thinking to start learning programming and getting confused that which language to start with then this article will surely help you to choose the perfect one. Below I am sharing an infographic that includes a list of some popular programming languages along with their short overview. You will also know how much average salary an employer get, the total job counts and the top companies that are using these languages. Some online resources are also shared in this infographic that will help you in learning these programming languages.

How to Choose Which Programming Languages to learn?

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  1. Guillermo Schinelli

    Hi! Thanks for the article, i found it very usefull. Still, i’m surprised by the fact that you do not mention C# at all, why is that?

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