8 Different Types of Programmers

Computer programming has become a significant industry, and because of the various technological advancements are becoming possible. From smartphones to laptops, computers, robots, automated factories, automated machines, and all the other advanced machinery are becoming successful with the help of programmers.

If you also want to become a programmer, it is essential to learn about the types of programmers first. As it will help you to choose your career path in a specialized field.

Different Types of Programmers

Different Types of Programmers

Below are some significant types of programmers you can find these days, thus check the list and find which specialization suited you the most.

1. Game Developer

Game developers are the programmers who contribute their essential effort to develop a video game for various platforms like Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. They are well balanced in developing various types of games as per the requirements of the clients. Game development requires hard coding skills and knowledge about the video, animation, and audio elements. Generally, the requirements to be a game developer can be different as per the preferable platform. Because with the coding skill, they also need to know to work with game engines like Unity, Blender, and Godot.

If you become a game developer, you need to work with a lead programmer who manages and guides the entire team working on the game development project. A game programmer who works with the hardcore of the game and the sound programmer to add some sound effects using sound software. Moreover, there can also be a 3d programmer who can manage and render the 3D elements of the game.

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2. Software Developer

Software developers are the programmers or the developers who are mainly responsible for the app development. They are the programmers who develop applications for various industries like photo editing, communication, travel, news, and finance. They not only develop but also maintain and update the applications as per the technology and requirements.

To become a software developer, the person needs to know a bit about the operating system to work with, such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. And they also learn about C, Java, C#, C++, Swift, and other application development languages and IDEs.

3. Software QC Or Quality Control Specialist

Software QA or QC specialists are the programmers that test and check the codes to ensure they will not crash unnecessarily. Because nowadays, businesses rely entirely on applications. Hence, if the application gets crashed, they can meet significant loss. Thus, software quality assurance or quality control specialist is the essential type of programmer to prevent such code crash issues. They need to learn about programming languages and the testing tools to test the codes given by the other programmers. Software quality is the professional work in a company as the Software QA analysis, SQ engineer, and software testing engineer.

4. Database Developer

Databases are available everywhere in the digital area, and from eCommerce shops to cloud apps are hosted on virtual databases. These databases contain several crucial information about the customer and other information about them. They keep the history of every transaction and activity made with the company to maintain high-level data management. If you become a database developer, then you will be required to design, structure, and develop the databases for the companies and clients. Moreover, the database developers also need to perform the analysis task to simplify the data stored in the databases. To become a database developer, you need to learn about SQL, DML, DDL, and DCL.

5. Web Developer

Earlier the web pages contained just simple text and images, but now the whole scenario has changed. And now, websites are not limited to just the text and images. These are also agile, fast, attractive, and multi-functional. Web developers are one of the most common types of programmers. They develop and design eCommerce websites for blogs, social media, video, and file-sharing websites. They code like ninjas and are also hard coders; now, most web developers are proficient in using PHP, CSS, HTML, Ruby, Python, SQL, and Perl. A web developer can work as a full-stack web developer, front-end, and backend developer.

6. System Hardware Developers

When you are on your computer, the boot screen does not take information from the operating system. However, it gets powered by the lower-level firmware. And this is the role of the system hardware developer who develops the software behind the software. And if you want to be a system hardware developer. You will require to learn about Java and lower-level programming languages. In the team of hardware developers, the system software engineer and embedded system engineer can be there.

7. Network System Administrator

Network system administrators are the programmers who maintain a healthy computing environment and prevent any unwanted disasters. They provide robust security to systems and keep viruses away from the devices and data of the company. These types of programmers are well aware of Python, Java, and Perl.

And with these programming languages, they execute several network system administrative works.

8. Analyst Programmer

If you want to stay busy with your programming working hours, then analyst programming is the career field. They are the programmers who work as a data analyst, business analyst, and programmer in an organization. By hiring such an analyst, the organization gets three programmers’ work in one profession. As they work hard and perform the three programmers’ tasks, they also get higher pay. To become an analyst programmer, you need to learn about required programming languages, databases, and business processes.


Thus, in this article, we learned about the nine different types of programmers you could become as per your suitability. It is your choice as there are several programming-related job vacancies. Also, you can start your freelance programming career. If you have a passion for developing gaming applications, you can become a game developer. Or, if you are interested in designing databases, you can also become a database developer. Thus, comment down to tell us which programming career is made for you and what you expect from it.

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