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Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages in 2018

Here you will know about the most popular programming languages in 2018. Every year a survey is done among the developers and shared on stackoverflow. This year the survey was done among 100,000 developers and on the basis of that I am sharing the list of famous programming technologies. Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages… Read More »

6 Most Difficult Programming Languages

You may faced difficulty while learning programming languages like C++, Java, PHP, etc. But those languages can’t be considered as very difficult to learn. In this article I will share some most difficult programming languages that will give you nightmares if you try learning them. These languages are also called as esoteric programming languages. These are not… Read More »

5 Best TV Series That Every Programmer Should Watch

If you got bored of writing code all day and night then this article will surely help you to refresh your mind. Here I am sharing some tv series that revolves around programming or hacking. If you are a programmer then you must watch them. In case I have missed any good show then mention… Read More »

How to Choose Best Laptop for Programming in 2018?

This article will guide you to choose the best laptop for programming in 2018. As a programmer or developer it becomes really confusing to pick a best laptop from thousands of laptops available in the market. It becomes even more difficult for a person who is just starting programming. Below I have shared some key… Read More »

12 Best Paying Countries for Java Professionals

Here you will know about some best paying countries for java professionals, programmers or developers. If you have just passed out of college, then you know that Java is popularly used in programming. It is also widely accepted among companies looking to recruit individuals with Java knowledge on board. Not only do companies look for… Read More »

15 Most Common Bad Programming Practices

Here are some most common bad programming practices that every programmer should avoid to become a better programmer. Also Read: 5 Tips to Become a Better Programmer 1. Giving up too soon Most of the programmers give up when they are very close to solution. So never lose hope and keep trying, you will definitely find… Read More »

Top 5 Famous Bugs in Computer Science World

It is very common to have bugs in softwares. Even if we develop software with very much care still it will have some error. These bugs seem small and annoying for us. But sometimes these small bugs can cause disaster and result in loss of huge money and even human life. In this article I… Read More »